Monday, August 31, 2009

My first Peach Pie!

I posted this last week but for the first time I am participationg in Foodie Friday at  Designs by Gollum !
I have made apple pies for years. I even made blueberry and cherry (although that is not a fav in this house). I make peach cakes and crumble, but my aunt and MIL and mom always made the peach pies.
There was no reason for me to do it! Now, that they are all gone, I felt it was something I should do. I didn't even have a recipe from any of them, because I doubt they used one...So, I went in search and found a great pie recipe at Bake at 350 -

Well, here is my

I am so happy with the result!! My husband practically did a pie dance because he loved it!! He said it was better than his mom's...I guess he can say that now-but I would not want to be around if he said it back then! I am also glad a took a pic, because soon after, it was all gone!!! Thank you to Bridget for this wonderful recipe! MMMMMMMMMMMMM!
It was my first attempt at latice top, also, and I think I prefer it! Easier and lighter (and I could tell it was done!).
So give a this pie a try!