Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Go-To Gift for Grads

   Whevever a friend's child graduates from High School, I try to get the same gift. We have been doing this for years and it seems to be a hit. I get a great bath towel monogrammed for them to take to college.  I always do the block letter arrangement in the color of their college choice! Villanova -Navy, Fairfield- Red, Siena -Gold, Eastern Connecticut-Navy, Syracuse-Orange, Cortland-Red, Fordham-Maroon, etc. Sometimes, I do he towel in the color, if available, and the monogram in white or the secondary color of the college. What also makes it fun is that I have to go to the website of the college that they have chosen to find out (make sure) of the color. In that way, I look around a bit nad find out more about their future college. I can write something that I have learned in the card or talk about it when I see them. I had been going to Fortunoff's for a long time, but they recently went out of business. I would get a luscious Ralph Lauren or Nautica towel and they monogrammed and wrapped for free! This year, I used Land's End and was very pleased with the towel and the monogramming, which was free for a few weeks! Here is the finished product...

So, this towel (and usually a check!) makes for a happy grad! Nothing says hands off my towel better than a monogram!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Was Feelin' a Little Tipsy...

     No, I haven't bee drinkin'. I had the craziest thing.  In May, I felt I had an allergy thing going on...the usual....but then I felt as if I couldn't focus. I thought my eyesight changed almost overnight. I felt as if the floor was not under my feet and I couldn't read. The worst was the computer screen. I kept shaking my head to focus!  I had my eyes checked and they were pretty much the same. Got new contacts, thinking mine were damaged. It was clearer, but out of focus! I was still subbing, but getting anxious! One day, I couldn't read the Teacher edition of the Soc book. When I had to walk the class out I was feeling very weird on the stairs. I went home and took a nap...Every day I felt I needed a nap! And soooo nauseous! Then I felt as if I was walking on a slant. I couldn't walk a straight line! Finally, I went to the doctor...I had a sinus infection and my ears were so full of fluid that I had pretty bad vertigo-I mean, I was holding onto walls, people, chairs -anything- to walk! Antibiotics and clarinex? It took a month for me to feel somewhat normal. I am not a complainer, and I never go to the Doctor, but this was really causing havoc in my life! I had so many events to go to for the end of the year for my son and family- visits, parties, etc.-Driving was out of the question-I could hardly walk so I certainly could not drive- I couldn't even find the car door handle! Even cooking was hard because the counter would be swimming under my nose!  I felt pathetic.... and worst of all -I could not blog!!!! I tried to visit a few of you, so you would not forget me, and because I love all of your blogs so much, but I was so tired after reading one, that I could fall asleep in a blink! At least, I did some gardening and will have picks up soon.
         So, I am sorry for this tale of woe, but I am finally feeling better! I think this thing took its sweet time, but I think I am almost back to normal! I am really very healthy, but since having the flu this past year, I never felt 100%! These past 3 weeks, I think there has been something almost every day! SATs, ACT, SATIIs, Regents classes, concerts, final HS sports events and dinners. Now we have the prom (my son is a Jr. but going to the Senior prom) and several friends have children graduating on Saturday. That is when summer starts!  I am thankful for that! Blogiversary came and went... I will get on that, too!
        Thanks for not abandoning me! Will be back in the swing of it now! I have been trying to keep up with all of you, but will read "back" now that I can!
        If you left a comment, that I can't read, please try again-or is that spam when it has boxes instead of words? These are the things I still don't know!