Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Was Feelin' a Little Tipsy...

     No, I haven't bee drinkin'. I had the craziest thing.  In May, I felt I had an allergy thing going on...the usual....but then I felt as if I couldn't focus. I thought my eyesight changed almost overnight. I felt as if the floor was not under my feet and I couldn't read. The worst was the computer screen. I kept shaking my head to focus!  I had my eyes checked and they were pretty much the same. Got new contacts, thinking mine were damaged. It was clearer, but out of focus! I was still subbing, but getting anxious! One day, I couldn't read the Teacher edition of the Soc book. When I had to walk the class out I was feeling very weird on the stairs. I went home and took a nap...Every day I felt I needed a nap! And soooo nauseous! Then I felt as if I was walking on a slant. I couldn't walk a straight line! Finally, I went to the doctor...I had a sinus infection and my ears were so full of fluid that I had pretty bad vertigo-I mean, I was holding onto walls, people, chairs -anything- to walk! Antibiotics and clarinex? It took a month for me to feel somewhat normal. I am not a complainer, and I never go to the Doctor, but this was really causing havoc in my life! I had so many events to go to for the end of the year for my son and family- visits, parties, etc.-Driving was out of the question-I could hardly walk so I certainly could not drive- I couldn't even find the car door handle! Even cooking was hard because the counter would be swimming under my nose!  I felt pathetic.... and worst of all -I could not blog!!!! I tried to visit a few of you, so you would not forget me, and because I love all of your blogs so much, but I was so tired after reading one, that I could fall asleep in a blink! At least, I did some gardening and will have picks up soon.
         So, I am sorry for this tale of woe, but I am finally feeling better! I think this thing took its sweet time, but I think I am almost back to normal! I am really very healthy, but since having the flu this past year, I never felt 100%! These past 3 weeks, I think there has been something almost every day! SATs, ACT, SATIIs, Regents classes, concerts, final HS sports events and dinners. Now we have the prom (my son is a Jr. but going to the Senior prom) and several friends have children graduating on Saturday. That is when summer starts!  I am thankful for that! Blogiversary came and went... I will get on that, too!
        Thanks for not abandoning me! Will be back in the swing of it now! I have been trying to keep up with all of you, but will read "back" now that I can!
        If you left a comment, that I can't read, please try again-or is that spam when it has boxes instead of words? These are the things I still don't know!



  1. Hi Nancy - ever since I discovered your blog I've come back to see if you've posted - and this evening BINGO!
    I'm very sorry to read that you've been so ill, but glad that you solved the puzzle and are on the mend. Take good care of yourself!

  2. Hi Nancy-

    I had a bout of vertigo earlier this spring and the doctor gave me a special medication. I also took something to to help me sleep.
    I just slept.
    That helped.

    I know how you feel/felt!

    Get well-

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  3. Wow I can't imagine! I am glad you told us, you poor thing. I am glad you re feeling better. Lisa~

  4. Hi Miss!!! I'm so happy to see you're back and feeling better!!! We're all still here....I know I felt stress when I had to take a few weeks off from much I wanted to say, and I kept feeling bad for everyone that was checking in and they kept getting my last post with nothing new. Anyhoo.......take your time and take care of yourself :)

  5. I hope you are feeling better. Enjoy this heat!


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