Friday, August 27, 2010

Now Summer feels like it is over...

   My oldest son goes back to college tomorrow..... After a very cool week it feels like summer has come to an end. My youngest has been at pre-season since last Monday. Since then we have tried to cram in all the things we wanted to do before it all comes to and end.  (Vacation will be another post!)

I love summer. This week my son took out the kayak for the last time here and the 2 "boys" took turns going out in it. There is a nice cove with a beach on the North Shore where I can sit and they can go out without me getting too nervous!

When he takes it up to school, I can only imagine what he does! There are beautiful lakes in CT and he says there are always lots of people out in their boats...We also went "out east" to the Hamptons and Montauk for the day. It can take about an hour and a half, but it is worth it as you feel as if you have been away! We go to Southampton to a pretty park to break up the trip...

to the many shops,
then hang on the beach in Montauk (one of the prettiest places in the world-to me),

eat a a place called "The Lobster Roll"

and finish up with ice cream in East Hampton.  
Tonight I am making the requested last meal! Tomorrow we will go to an early football scrimmage to start off the season. My youngest plays center, field goal defense and is the long snapper (I think that's right?)-don't get me on my lack of football knowledge. I finally understand the game!

"The End" (a Long Islander's inside joke)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mark Me Absent-but Grateful!!

I have been very delinquent this summer and I'm sorry! Too many people coming and going-just the way I like it! With older kids, your days may still start very early, but they definitely go very late! I don't even want to acknowledge that it is August-this summer is flying by! Have I mentioned that I love summer-I think I have. I do not complain of heat, humidity, and bad hair-I don;t want it to end!

What am I grateful for? Well, many things, but in particular, that I WON a wonderful market basket! I came from the blog The Pennington Point ! This family blog is just wonderful! Lisa is so funny and tell the best stories about her husband and their 9 children-she is a terrific writer! If that isn't enough, she is  very creative in her home and her crafts are beautiful! In her etsy shop you can get your items monogrammed-(you know how hard that is to find!) and purchase her items monogrammed to your liking! There is jewelry, clothing, baby items, towels, purses, pillows and.....Market totes! How lucky for me that I have won one monogrammed by Lisa! I left it up to her and she designed this:

How perfect!!!!
Don't you love it? I dooooo!
The name if my blog!
Thank you, thank you!
It is my little secret with the blogging friends. Only my family knows I have this blog!
It is also a saying I have loved since a child. I received this pendant at 16 from my parents!
So take a look at this very special family blog and check out that etsy shop!