Friday, August 6, 2010

Mark Me Absent-but Grateful!!

I have been very delinquent this summer and I'm sorry! Too many people coming and going-just the way I like it! With older kids, your days may still start very early, but they definitely go very late! I don't even want to acknowledge that it is August-this summer is flying by! Have I mentioned that I love summer-I think I have. I do not complain of heat, humidity, and bad hair-I don;t want it to end!

What am I grateful for? Well, many things, but in particular, that I WON a wonderful market basket! I came from the blog The Pennington Point ! This family blog is just wonderful! Lisa is so funny and tell the best stories about her husband and their 9 children-she is a terrific writer! If that isn't enough, she is  very creative in her home and her crafts are beautiful! In her etsy shop you can get your items monogrammed-(you know how hard that is to find!) and purchase her items monogrammed to your liking! There is jewelry, clothing, baby items, towels, purses, pillows and.....Market totes! How lucky for me that I have won one monogrammed by Lisa! I left it up to her and she designed this:

How perfect!!!!
Don't you love it? I dooooo!
The name if my blog!
Thank you, thank you!
It is my little secret with the blogging friends. Only my family knows I have this blog!
It is also a saying I have loved since a child. I received this pendant at 16 from my parents!
So take a look at this very special family blog and check out that etsy shop!


  1. Thanks Nancy! It's so much fun to see something I made in your home. I am so glad you like it. I loved making it for you!

    I am so glad you are enjoying your summer. You are a blessing! Lisa~

  2. That's a great bag - and so special that it's monogrammed.
    Summer is for lazing - pay attention to nothing with the word 'should' attached.

  3. Thanks for sharing!! And congrats on your fun win! I love it for you....this HAS been a crazy summer!! And how about A-rod's 600th?? Go Yankees!!!

  4. 好熱鬧喔 大家踴躍的留言 讓部落格更有活力..................................................

  5. 相逢即是有緣~~留個言問候一聲,祝您平安順利...............................................................

  6. I do love your basket. Wow such a great giveaway to win. So happy for you.
    I love the fact that you named your blog from a necklace that your parents gave you. How neat is that.
    Thank you for taking the time today to visit me. I totally understand being to busy to visit. I myself have been very bad this summer about catching up since my accident


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