Thursday, October 22, 2009

Look at my Banner! White Wednesday,too!

     My banner used to be very simple, but pretty.  Now I am so lucky to have this beautiful statement of my motto in a gorgeous sign!

A few weeks ago, I was so fortunate to get this sign from the very, very talented Rita at  Mamabellarte.  She was looking for new ideas in her 100th post for her beautiful signs that she creates for her shop.  You have to follow the link and read it! She has chickens and...well, you should see!

When she made this for me, it was so special because, besides being a nice "slogan" seen everywhere, it has special meaning to me! When I was 21 or graduating college, my parents gave me this pendant...

Looking back, I can't believe they even had pendants with Live, Love, Laugh.  My parents liked it because  of the song, "Blackbird"., ", love, laugh and be happy".  They are both gone now -something I still can't believe-and I think of them when I wear  the pendant -which is all the time.

When I had children, I would sign cards with live, love laugh, too. So, after all these years it is important to me and how surprising when I see signs in stores with that line!

     Now to find the perfect spot for my beautiful sign! Go to her etsy shop or her Mercatino and see the amazing work that she does. She is such an wonderful artist and had gorgeous pendants that she solders...she gives classes if you are fortunate enough to live near her and goes to market with her wares! You can click on the sidebar or in this post to enjoy her blog!


  1. Thank you very much Nancy! Love the photos Ciao Rita

  2. Very pretty header. Isn't it fun to pull up your blog page and love what you see? Good for you!

  3. I love that 'saying' too...kinda wraps up everything we need in life! So cool that you could make it your blog header. It looks lovely :o)

  4. Beautiful sign Nancy and lovely header too! Love that saying.


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