Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Big Score!

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     Not that I wanted to do this at this time, but a craisgslist opportunity arose...and I had to go with it. I really saw the ad back at the beginning of the month but the seller was not that easy. First time, after many emails, we agreed to a Saturday morning whaich was changed to 5 PM. Pitch black and raining, but we found the house about 35-40 minutes away. We rang, knocked, called and no answer. We waited and tried again-no. Discouraged and feeling that it was "sketchy", I gave up on it   He emailed the next day and said someome was there, had we shown up? Ugh!
He emailed a week later and said he'd be around Thanksgiving weekend. I kind of gave up on it and the family was in so....He said the following wekend. OK..Now, how would we get it home was another issue. We arrived and saw this:

It was in really near perfect condition. We were getting it home!!!  We carried it out easily after removing legs and put it right into the back of our Jeep Commander. Our son was with us so I sat in the back area with the sofa!!
The cushions had been taped in moving so I need to get a little sticky off  (suggestions?...alcohol?) and it will be fine.  I will take pics in the little room when we've painted (ahhhhh!-love paint!) and rearranged. This room is our spare bedroom/room with a desk/ too much gets dumped there/ craft room/  and if a bed still fits, guest room! I want the white covers, but am happy with Khaki and will watch IKEA for deals.  I had originally  wanted the loveseat but for the price...oh I didn't tell you ..............................


and it sells for


Idemo beige

So, pretty good?
I think so! So comfy! Now I sit there with my laptop on my lap and say hello to all of you! YAY!


  1. OH Miss! I loooove it for you!!!!! And I can see the possibilities are endless in your space!! I lllooove to paint too...wish I lived closer...I'd come help you :) I'm itching to re-do my middle son's room for his birthday in January....I need a project! Good luck and show us the progress! ....oh, and I can't stop thinking about your Dickens Village!!! I jsut don't have a spot to display one YET...I have to work on that!

  2. No wonder your site is named LIVE LOVE and Laugh you find the neatest bargains. This couch was only 100.00. What a deal you made my dear. It is great! Your Christmas came early
    Merry Christmas

  3. Woo Hoo! I am glad you finally got the sofa. That was some journey to get it.

  4. I actually have the Ektorp sofa as well and love it! Great find! You know, you can get a $60 white slipcover for it if you ever want to change the look. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Good pickin' looks so cumfy and it makes it ten times better that you got it for 100 dollers!!!

  6. That is a great deal! Hmmm, I wonder what you could use to remove the sticky without leaving a stain? Sometimes hitting it with something else sticky lifts it, like going over it with some tape to try to capture the sticky? Does that make sense???

  7. What a great deal! Another reason why I love Craigslist :)

  8. What an awesome score!! I so love craigslist!! Can't wait to see it in your room when it's done!!

  9. Nancy, here! Thanks to jennifer Juniper-I used wide packing tape wrapped around my hand and brushed across the sticky and it worked! No more tape residue...lovin' my sofa! Now....waiting for the right time to get the white slips!


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