Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Dickens are ready...even if I'm not!

     My favorite thing to set up at Christmas is my Dicken's village. I have been collecting for many years and each box has the year it was purchased.  My Mom and I both started-she only had a few and we split them when she died a few years ago. Our first were purchased at A&S -which has gone out of business, along with Gimbels and Altmans and Fortunoffs-all great stores! I stopped collecting houses a few years ago, because of space and price.
           Luckily I got this set up becasue after hauling all the Christmas boxes out of the attic and starting to decorate, I got all achy and thought it was the lifting. No, a few hours later 102 and chills and the works. The flu. The worst part is the half done house and the desire, but no strength. I thought I was over it but a short time of laundry or dishes and I have to hit the couch. Very unlike me. Better off now than Christmas week, I suppose. So, here is what I have done so far-and even this is an effort! I couldn't even go on 2 days ago!

I have The Crowntree Inn -one of the oldest, The Toy Shop, The Golden Swan Bakery, Thomas Karsey Coffee House and Maylie Cottage  (which were my Mom's), Wheat Cakes and Puddings,The Old Curiosity Shoppe, Fruit and Spice and Booter and Cobbler. I have a few figures that you can hardly see-I will add a daylight picture tomorrow! Sometimes I spread them out a bit, but becasue of this:

I can't! Up high and away!!

          I am also a Dicken's lover...and Jane Austen. Did you happen to see Masterpiece Theater last season with David Copperfield ( with little Daniel Radcliffe), Old Curiosity Shoppe, Oliver Twist and the amazing Little Dorrit? My husband watches with me but says he can't understand the British accent! Talk English! I make everyone watch on Sunday nights on PBS. December 20th a new season begins and one of the stories is Emma-my favorite-that's on Januart 24th. I love the Gwyneth Paltrow version, but this one looks great -if you like-check it out!
         So tomorrow I finish decoration-I have a lot-so I think I will hold back a bit-no tree yeat. We get a real one and usually next weekend is the time.


  1. What a beautiful village you have here...thanks soooo much for sharing it.


  2. Beautiful!!!!! My grandma used to set up a village but doesn't get it out anymore :( I love love love yours!! So pretty!!

  3. what a lovely village!!! i "oooo" and "ahhh" when i see them displayed in shops. yours looks FAB. hope you feel better.

  4. I'm happy to hear you're feeling better! I looooove your Dickens village! And how wonderful you have a few or your mom's. I want a village too! If I had the room, I'd start one too...maybe I should anyway and put them away for Cindylou!

  5. Hi Nancy, my mom had this set and it was so fun to look at! Yours looks fantastic!

    Hope you're enjoying the season.

  6. Hello Nancy
    Just wanted to stop by and see what your doing in LI. I love your villages and after seeing the way you have yours I regret not ever collecting them.
    Your lab is so pretty. My son just got a chocolate lab puppy and boy do they grow fast. lol
    Happy Holidays
    I have always wanted to visit LI especially this time of the year


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