Monday, November 30, 2009

While I was watching ELF...

I saw something like this at J Crew

I had some ribbon and thought I'd give it a try...while watching ELF...which we all memorized!

I made three rosettes out of 1" muted silver satin ribbon and sewed them about 15" inches in from the edge of a piece of  2" satin muted gold ribbon to allow for a bow tie. Measure your waist and about 12" more for a bow. I would demonstarte that but it is Thanksgiving...toooo much waist!!
My daughter wanted it simple, but I could see this in many different shaped flowers and colors.

My next one will be grosgrain ribbon and black jersey knit flowers....I just rummage through the ribbon and fabric that I have.
It will have to wait for later...I am still cleaning up after this weekend of everyone home....and my dishwasher broke....on Thanksgiving....and all the leftovers in plastic containers from yesterday filling my sink....ugh.
Who is happy with their dishwasher? mine is a Maytag and it has been terrible! I love appliances...not fair! Here is another decision I do not want to make. I want stainless, next time I replace....but my fridge is fairly new and  my stove is ok except it is an electric smooth top and I wish I could have gas. (Does anyone have propane? )So, do I get a white dishwasher again or go with one stainless appliance??

Too much to think about.....I watched the Christmas Dog last night and loved it and it was so peaceful....OH- because the dishwasher was not running!


  1. Nancy,

    You are so creative. Very beautiful!


  2. Hi Nancy! How're lucky you can sew!!

    You let me know if you find a good dishwasher, because every house we've lived in has had a different dishwasher and none of them are any good!

    Happy December...

    :) T

  3. How pretty and creative.
    I have a GE dish washer and love it. I bought it from my sister-in-law. She bought all new stainless steel appliance, so we bought her appliance which were only one year old.
    THANKS!!! for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment about my buttery lemon bars. These are one of my hubby's favorite.

  4. I love the rosettes! I am going to try it the next time I am in front of the tv!

    We have a Kitchenaid. Love it. I say go for the stainless steel. :)

    Thanks so much for your votes and help. I appreciate it SO much! Thanks for the distraction from my obsession too!


  5. Looooovvve it!!!!! I'm sure I'll be trying these!!!! super.cute!! hmmmmm.....I'd say go with the they sell appliance paint in stainless??? you could spray the other two to coordinate for the time being....depending on how ambitious you are! And did you see Derek Jeter is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week....Sportsman of the Year!! Yeah!!!!!

  6. This is so lovely...thanks so much for sharing! And for becoming a follower of my blog...I am now a follower of yours as well!

  7. Beautiful!!!!! I love it!! You did a Wonderful job on it!!

    I was soooooooooooo mad I wanted to see the Christmas dog so bad and forgot about it but hubby downloaded it for me so I will see it soon :)


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