Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Burlap Runner Just in Time for T-Day!

     In my mind I can sew anything...I can plan it out, cut the pattern and run it up on my machine. But, alas, I have no machine, so any great ideas I have need to require no machine sewing. I do some handsewn crafts, but will save up for a machine someday. My Mom had one, but it was so tempermental, I wasn't really allowed on it...and who would want to -it made her crazy.  So, I look for things that the magic of hot glue or Stitch Witchey can help me with.
         I bought 1/2 yard of burlap at Joann's the other day...So cheap I couldn't go 2 yards? It was 30% 0ff of 2.99.  I planned this runner and extra to play with. I like the finished edge of the burlap, so I thought I'd use that as my length.

I cut  it at about 15-16 inches because of the unequal fraying. I ironed a hem along each side after removing frayed pieces.

Sorry for the glare!

       It just worked out using the fabric line. I then placed my Stitch Witchery in the ironed hem and reironed,
following directions. In a second I was done.
       Part of the reason for the runner's length, is this:

        I'd rather it extend over the edge about 6-8 onches, BUT-Nothing can hang over the edge or it becomes lab property! She  especially loves fabric and chews on dish towels and sucks on her beds...wierd. If I buy a cute dishtowel with embroidery, Logan eats that part out of the towel. My son calls it her artistic talent.

        It will work out well along the center of the Thanksgiving table which will be pulled out to 102".
Next, I added detail to it along the lines of drop cloth table cloths in Country Living November page 74.
I will add the pic later! In the meantime, I like the simlicity.

I can't compare to some of your crafts, but it is easy!

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  1. Great job & Wow-I think I can do this!! I love no-sew projects.

  2. Love the runner Nancy. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. I LOVE it!! It looks Awesome!! I so love burlap!

  4. Good work! I need to do this with the burlap I have to make it look more "finished".

  5. Great job! That is a great use for a fabric like burlap with lots of texture, but not a lot of comfort. It will look so good on a Thanksgiving table.

  6. Oh how I love me some burlap!! It turned out great Nancy!!!

    :) T

  7. Sometimes simple is best! I love that this is no sew.

  8. Perfect! I have the burlap. A table runner is on my to-do list. Can't wait to see more!

    Thanks for joining the DIY holiday party - sorry I'm late!


  9. Super.Duper.Cute Miss!!!!......I do think I have time to whip one up!!!!!

  10. Hi Nancy:
    Love your creative muse. What a great idea for your table runner...and you can get it accomplished without a sewing machine!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my 200th Post Giveaway. I've joined your following and will be back to explore soon. Hope to see you at Brynwood again soon. Lab lovers should always stick together! ;-)


  11. Hi Nancy, sorry you couldn't see the slide show. I still can, but you are #2 that can't see it. Could you e-mail me ritareade@hotmail.com and tell me what did you see, all this when you have time. Ciao Rita

  12. Hello from Texas Nancy
    This turned out very nice. I hope you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving.
    You are like me I would love a digital camera but waiting til I can save for one.
    Take care

  13. Who needs a sewing machine if you can just iron your projects together. Looks great!


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