Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BNOTP Colonial Candle Giveaway!! & Country Music Search

Go to a very exciting week at BNOTP! Colonial Candle is generously sponsoring a Give-a-Way everyday this week, Monday-Friday, here at BNOTP?!  A new Give-a-Way every day this week! Go here and check it out and all the Met Monday fun, too!

My  husband wants his ipod updated...I like, but he loves Country and we don't have a Country station anymore. Not very fair, just because we live in NY....Anyone have some new favs that I can get for him? He loves it all!
Anyone see this? Born Again American? The marine should get a contract!


  1. NY doesn't have a country station??? Not nice. I don't have any suggestions not knowing if he likes more classical George Strait true-to-country sound or the newer-Lester Flatt. like your blog title too!

  2. Thanks for the news on the give away...My husband goes to Nashville to WRITE country music....he wants us all to MOVE there!!!! Yikes!! Me....not so much. :( That is ALL he listens to....I, on the other hand listen to Bruce Springsteen and Christmas music! :)....hey, swing by my blog...I gave you an award.


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