Monday, November 22, 2010

Almost Too Hard to Start

     My youngest is a senior in high school this year. As if that is not hard enough, right away the guidance dept. wants you to start the application process. With many schools having early action (if they accept you, you have an answer by the holidays and its a non binding agreement) you really need to get going and have it done by November 1. The problem is, everything is on line and you spend hours on the computer. My son did a lot, but I helped out with filling in the forms as he also has to go to school and the AP classes are pretty rigorous and time consuming after school.  We also had Football season in there! That is why my blogging got shelved. It was too much time on the computer!  I even had a really bad problem with my neck, sitting hunched over the computer which cut a week out of my life, also!
           If I go to my Google Reader, I spend time reading and I enjoy visiting all of your blogs and then have no time to write! Then with these applications, I hardly got to read any blogs...I missed out on a lot and now find it hard to get back in. It also seemed that every weekend we had a full house with my college son and moved-out daughter to go to my son's games and then big dinners..Those are the days I love when we are all together so I had to put the blog away and concentrate on my real world! I am so thankful for my family and all the fun we have and I also enjoy visiting in on your lives that I feel I have friends all over the country! It will take some easing back and some moderation, but I will try to fit all of you in, also!
             When I took this photo, it reminded me of the O Henry story "The Last Leaf" so my son said take a picture and put it on your here it is and the story is on the link.
Well the last leaf is there, but of course I paid more attention to Logan!

So, the leaves have fallen and the applications are in  and now we wait with fingers crossed! I'd like to hold on to every day of this year and slow it down!   I do hope to visit your blogs a little more and try to write...we'll see!


  1. Nancy~~~~

    I have been in your shoes and I don't blame you a bit for taking a leave from blogging. It can become time consuming. Luckily, we don't forget our blogging friends, so post when you can.

    Good luck to your son...I hope he gets into the school of his choice. Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. It's a stressful time, isn't it? I hope your son ends up just where he wants to be. In the meantime, blogging will wait and we'll all find your posts when you have time for them.


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