Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Christmas Card

Traditional Damask Red Christmas
Shop for elegant Christmas photo cards.
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Go to Shutterfly and have fun making a beautiful card!  I store all of my photos there and feel safe because my computer could go at any time! You can also make photo books that are better than a photo album. I also made a Season's Greetings version and you can do great montages. Now to write the envelopes!


  1. Your family is beautiful, Nancy!


  2. Awwwh!!!!! What a great picture of your kiddos!!! A few season's ago I entered all of our addresses into the computer and now I just print out labels so it goes soooooo fast. Try it :)

  3. ooh....and I'm anxiously awaiting to hear what happens to my boyfriend Derek...just give him what he wants and sign the papers!!!


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