Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to Reality!

Well, we are back from our trip to Florida for the Christmas break. We drove from NY to Ft.auderdale on the 26th and very unusual, had the worst traffic you can imagine. I am not a complainer-we were going to Florida after all-but we had rain and cars from the Verrazano Bridge all the way through Virginia! That is so strange! I can only think that the weekend enable travellers an exra 2 days after Christmas so people went visiting! That's a happy thing, right? My husband-not so happy. We can usually do the trip in 23 hours and it took 27. We drive through stopping to eat, etc. We go to WAWA, Scheetz, Kangaroo, Chilis, McDonalds, Stuckeys...most of which are not in NY. We stopped to eat dinner in Fredricksberg, Va. at Chili's, which was great. I like that town and would love to see more than a pass through! Sometimes we stop at exits that have nothing but a gas station...we beg to go to the next one bc these are the only stops! Someday, I will get to see Savannah as I see the sign on I-95.  We sing, play "I'm thinking of a ..." , Bingo (yup, still!), Lic. plates,  Uno and sometimes Scatagories.  My kids are not little and still enjoy the as long as they will join us-we do it! 
I felt as we went down that I passed so many of you! I almost said, "My friend-----lives off here!" My family doesn't really get how I feel about all of you!  In NJ, PA, VA, NC, SC, GA, over in AL and down in FL I felt I was passing by your homes!

We left 18" of snow, a decorated house, a beautiful tree  my beta, and our dog, Logan behind (my brother watching over things). 

It was in South Carolina, that we see the first palm tree...a beautiful sight!  It was cold, tho'! It was in the 30's all the way to northern Florida! Then we saw this....

...a bit chilly!

Best Western-just it through travelocity for a great price-clean ...steps to the beach and Los Olas and a huge hot breakfast buffet in the morning. With 2 big boys, the free breakfast is important!

A little cloudy this day-the day we left!Intracoastal.

We had a wonderful time and supposedly it was the best and warmest it had been in a few weeks!  We deove down to South Beach. Miami for New Years...We had a wonderful dinner at Hosteria Romano at Espaniola Way  and then went to the beach area for the fireworks-which were amazing!! (And I come from NY and we do fireworks pretty good there!)

Happy New Year!!!!

January 1st, 2010!!


  1. We do have a good time in Florida, and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! And yes, you did pass by us when you passed St. Augustine. :-) You need to stop and say, "Hi," the next time you travel south!

    Enjoyed seeing your pictures, and the fireworks look amazing. I wish we were having warm weather right now. Normally, we would be, but we are having uneasonably cold weather right now. Not like Florida at all.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Fireworks for 2010 post. Nice job!
    Joyce M

  3. Excellent post [ps...I too like Fredricksburg VA] ---and I'll take Florida in the winter anytime over NY. LOLOL


  4. Looks like a nice getaway...and maybe a headache getting home. Sounds like it was worth it though!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  5. Hi Nancy!!

    This is a great post. I loved hearing about your trip down to Ft. Lauderdale, where I have vacationed many times. I feel the same way you do about where blogger friends live. I often say things like..."I have a friend in New York..."!! lol!! I love all of your pictures. Your children are beautiful and you have a lovely blog!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you!! :-)


  6. I do love it there, but I have never driven it. I don't think either the kids or parents could take it!

  7. What a great break to get away from this cold weather up here in the North. Although, it looks cooler in FL now too, but still cold there is not like cold here.
    Thanks for sharing your great photos of your trip and they do look like great fireworks. You have a pretty cute family too.

  8. Wonderful holidays.
    Great post!
    Happy outdoor!

    Cheers for 2010!



  9. Looks like it was worth the long hours in the car. I hat driving the Verrazons as it is always backed up no matter what time of the day or night too. We use to live on LI so I know that long drive. Now Savannah is about 15 minutes off the exit on 95. Stop some time for a few hours to break up the trip. If nothing else just drive around the squares and you do not even have to get out of the car.

  10. Happy 2010, it still looks like you had a great trip. Loved the photos.

  11. It looks so fabulous! What a wonderful way to welcome in the new year. Your family is gorgeous btw!

  12. Glad you enjoyed your trip! I think FL is WONDERFUl (except when it's freezing, like now) but then I suppose I might just be a little prejudiced. Lol. Next time you head this way, you should consider checking out the west coast...lots of great things to see and do. :)

  13. Awwwh Miss!!!! What a fabulous trip!!! My mom lives in Delray Beach, just north of I know just where you were. The kids look like they had a terrific time. Happy New Year!!!

  14. Sounds like you had a fun time (except for the traffic part). I have only been to Florida once (but I live in southern California). I loved everything about Florida except for the humidity. And I've never been to New York. I would like to, someday. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.


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