Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eddie Ross and the Big Window Challenge (and my Little Vanity Chair)

   Do you follow or subscribe to Eddie Ross? You should!

      Right now Eddie is involved in the Big Window Challenge held in Bloomingdale's NY. Yes, right in the window! Three competing designers have recreated an apartment room in a Bloomies' window for your voting pleasure! Go see the competiotion at The Big Window Challenge and here you will read all about Eddie's window-gorgeous-I want to move right in!

       You can read all about Eddie here and why you DO know him...(season two of Bravo's Top Design) and "in October 2009, Eddie appeared on the HGTV special Halloween Block Party in which he transformed the classic tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, into a beautiful, budget-friendly party to remember. Shortly thereafter, he appeared on Celebrity Holiday Homes, another HGTV special in which he decorated Kathie Lee Gifford's house for the holidays. "
So give Eddie your votes and enjoy his amazing blog.

Apartment in a window.....

I am linking to Met Monday at BNOTP!!!

Now down to business!!!!

    Now onto to my little vanity chair. This chair was part of my mother's bedroom set (1946) and was one of two.

        The other went with her vanity to my brother's house...why? I don't know...first dibs...
So, I am at least left with this one and as my bedroom set is cherry and the trim is white, I decided to leep it close to its original color and spruce it up. I unscrewed the seat and then I used a Minwax Stain in mahogany and just went right over the finish after dusting and wiping clean. It was pretty scratched and the back had a veneer trim that I removed.

        I removed a piece of replacement fabric and then traced around the seat and cut out the shape leaving about 3 inches all around. The fabric had been on sale at JoAnn's for $7.99 a yard and I took a yard and a half for future use. I took my trusty staple gun and stapled pretty close to the edge and gathered the corners. I cut away where the chair meets the back and around the screw holes.

       Popped it back on and ....Love it! Nice and fresh! I would have liked it in black or antique white but kept it similar ...for now! I can always change! But for now, I have a nice clean place to put on shoes -"Don't sit on the edge of the bed!" (did I say that?) and to show off pillows.

My project is nothing, but I got it done finally! Now to rejoin this chair with the vanity.....
Go to BNOTP for some really wonderful changes!

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  1. love the chair & the blue color of the room!

  2. Don't you just love how relatively simple changes mahe such a HUGE impact. So fun.


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