Sunday, January 31, 2010

Make Your Napkins Showy-

    This was impossible to photograph with everyone in bed and me with my camera under my chin and propped on books...but here goes...
         If you want to make your napkins look like the ones on the catering dessert or cocktail tables-
here's how....( how nice for Superbowl! I am sure all the guys will comment on the pretty napkin display!!!)

Take a stack of napkins-the higher the stack the prettier....

Bend your index fingers on both hands like this-

Press down on the napkins-(pressure but not so hard that you rip them!) and pull your knuckles away from eachother. (they are at 9 and 3 on a clock)

Pick up your knuckles and reposition so that you are at 10 and 4 and pull. They should begin to turn a bit.

Keep repositioning around the clock until the napkins have made a pretty spiral

See? Pull away and turn...

So pretty that even these 1000 Season's Greetings cheap nakins look pretty-ish. See?
Yes, I will have these through several seasons of greetings-thanks to Mr. LLL!
The higher stack looks better....Alternating colors is really nice.
So have fun with this. It is like oragami without all that folding!!!
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Pretty for Valentine's Day table?



  1. Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment - I really Appreciate it, love the nakin idea, I will have to try it out.

  2. what a tip! never know about it. thanks for sharing..

  3. Thanks for the nudge......I used to do that, and totally forgot about that cute little trick!

  4. I am bookmarking this post! I have been shown how to do this before with a fist but it NEVER works for me. I'm excited to try it out with your method. Thanks for sharing the tip!

  5. This is a great tip! I love how it looks! Thanks so much for joining the party, I hope you came back again soon!


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