Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anthropologie-got your attention!

First-Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

         My birthday was in February, but I did not show you this-

Have you ever received one? I signed up for an Anthro card-not a credit card-it just keeps track of purchases. I did have to put my B'day on the form. I got my yellow card in a cute little bag-my daughter swiped it-and then gave it to her because she buys more there than me.
          In the mail in time for my birthday came this.....

So cute-a candle necklace and 15% off! So, my daughter says-let's go shopping! We did and she got a few things


and I got this-

which I love for $1.95-less 15%. It just wasn't a great time for me to spend much $.

When we paid, the person next to us says that her birthday was in February, too, and she didn't get one. The salesgirl said that it is done randomly! 
So, I am a lucky one, I guess....or my daughter is! So, next time you are there, sign up and see! I made my daughter get her own....maybe if she'a lucky one, I will buy something a little more substantial...in the meantime -I do like this....there are 5 of us in the family.

Have a Happy Wearin' o the Green Day!


  1. Lucky you!
    I didn't know that Anthro did that, either.

    I love those numbered jars, good choice! :-)

    Have a great Saturday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Wish we had an Anthro close to us! Looks like a fun shopping trip :)


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