Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Did I Find in the Pottery Barn Outlet?!

     As usual whenever the college son is home-nothing gets done. Well, fun things do and lots of cooking and eating and surprisingly-shopping. Things that he is interested in, at least. For Christmas he received a kayak from us-a big deal and he can’t wait to use it. So off we went to find a paddle and lifejacket, because mama won’t let him go ‘til she knows that he has a life vest on. They don’t sell those things in December around here. I think we got the only kayak around in December, too-and at a good discount! (It was such a nice but chilly day on Wednesday, he did get to try it a fairly calm inlet. He was pretty happy.
          He also like his clothes. So, off we went to the outlets in Riverhead, NY.
Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, J Crew, Gap, Pepperidge Farm (gotta have Fish!)….and so many more-

We had lunch and then –Now that he has an apartment-new interest in all things "home"-go figure-remember the days of bribing him on shopping trips to  buy curtains and towels...Why not go to the Pottery Barn Outlet? Last time we drove all the way out and it was closed for inventory!! 
     Not this time!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It is huge and full of furniture, lighting, bedding, frames, rugs and rugs and rugs, bathroom accessories…PB Teen, Kids  and West Elm, too…Wow. I could hardly see as my eyes were glazed! I really did not see a lot as we were running out of time. I wish I had my camera!  Sooooo-Here are the goodies….I had to hold back...when I save some more $$-I know where I'm going!

For his room here-Marked $99
No other was marked this low- one little chip-not noticeable-others had broken glass and were higher! This is black and white with a green tint to the grass-love it!

For brother-Marked  $69 to $34
reduced to $14.97 SOLD!! then -paid-$11.23!!?
This lamp is really blue to navy-great looking and really heavy!
When I looked at it a lady said if I wasn't taking it she wanted it. She followed us all over the store!

Two goodies here-I could not leave this lamp there-$34.99  reduced to $10.97!!
It is also heavy and perfect!

The wood shelf-$49.00 to $24.99 to ....
$3.97   really
I wish there had been another...or ten others! But I will make due with one at that price!!!

After we paid we practically ran to the car, thinking they would stop us because they made a mistake!

          Williams Sonoma was connected to PB, but we couldn’t do it! It was huge, too. I am now planning the next trip….need anything?

           I cut some crabapple branches to force and they bloomed in one day! Love them! I had also forced forsythia-and now they are blooming outside already- too soon but so pretty!

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  1. Sounds like a fun filled day with lots of great bargins, my kind of day! Thanks for stopping by and visiting for while and the nice comment.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a great day you had, Nancy. I would go nuts in a PB outlet! You did very well. We have an outlet mall about an hour away but I haven't been there in years. Time to go!! Love all your goodies. And love that kayak. Hubby and I have been talking about getting one for each of us for the lake house. They sound fun!

    Hope you are having a good weekend!


  3. My youngest (also a boy) will be heading to college next year and I hope he is interested in fixing up his room/apartment one of these days. We were shopping yesterday and I tried to get him to pick some art out for the very bare walls in his bedroom at home, and he said he likes having nothing on them..sigh!

    All of your finds are wonderful and how great that you got everything for such a good price! We have a PB outlet a few hours from us, maybe I'll have to make the drive to see what I can find!

    Kat :)

  4. What great finds! I have to head to the outlets (after Easter break - less people).

  5. How I love the PBK Outlet! Our closest ones are Memphis and Atlanta, and coincidentally, I will be in Memphis in May and Atlanta in June! Better start saving now! :D Thank you for your kind comment over at Yoga Gal, I appreciate it! Katie


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