Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marshalls,etc. Goodies

I am actually writing this post in response to Nicole at She has a terrific blog and wonderful products, too. Way back (June)she wrote about some goodies she had found at TJ Maxx and I was about to respond when my computer "malfunctioned". It didn't crash but I couldn't do a thing that required more than one page being open! So finally I can access some pics!

I am a lover of TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls. Usually in that order, but, lately it has been Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Homegoods has not been good to me!Perhaps because everyone is catching on to going there very frequently. I used to go there when no one else I knew was aware of it. I think the whole yard decor really took off there, because there is nothing left. A new one is opening this weekend nearby...hmmm.
I went a few times in the past month for present ideas...yeah that did not happen-right to the home department! So, here are a few of the great things that I have gotten lately. I saw this beauty :

...I waited from $12 to 10 to 7 to $5! It took restraint, but I like it so much more when I have gotten the deal! I found these pretty white dishes with a crown at Marshalls- the bowl- $2.99 and the plate $3.99. It seemed worth it! The sticker on the plate says Annabelle ~so cute I don't want to remove it!

Then for the garden, I found a sweet bunny for $5.99 and it is very heavy! I will take some garden shots-now that the garden is finally getting sun!

I also found a sleeping puppy, which I had searched for when our 2 year old lab died last year (another story-another time). I did find one on ebay and sent for it to find it was not real "sandicast', but plastic. I liked it but.... Unfortunately, our present lab thinks it is funny to run around the yard with it and not respect poor Buster. The new sleeping pup is very heavy and will not travel around the yard. It is placed under the "dogwood" tree that we planted -and has silly wire fence around it, too!

But, the best find was this pair of bird prints that I found at Marshalls. They were $19.99 each. I wanted to wait, but I got panicky when I left them behind. I told myself that I would go back the next day and if they were there-it was meant to be. Joy, joy! They were there and now they hang in my living room. I will post pics of my rooms soon. College son is home and everything gets dropped!

So, now on the lookout for more bargains to love.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my Shabby Cottage I love visitors! I like TJ Max and Marshalls also but have been staying away from the stores for awhile..just spend too much. Warm wishes for a great weekend, Esther

  2. Awww, Nancy you are the sweetest! I LOVE your finds and am so jealous of that bird, I just seen one last night and wanted it so bad but the tail was broken off! I got soooo much other stuff though at TjMax, Marshalls and Hobby Lobby is having the BEST 90% off clearance! I LOVE those dishes and bird prints! what awesome finds! I finally ordered your candle for you, will let you know when it ships to ya, I can't wait til you get it, you will love it! Your Awesome!! Love your finds!

  3. I love all those stores and am hoping for a day that I can get shopping myself. There are such great things to be found! Now I am inspired by your bargains!


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