Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lost in Technology

How many times can I complain about not writing?! I am not on my computer...again because mine is constantly "not responding" or "internet cannot open this page..." arrrrggghhh. I am on the old PC -no pics on this one! I feel that I have been so neglectful! Like I need to stress about that-ha! You are all so much more understanding! I have been reading with my mouth hanging open, all of the wonderful things you are doing and crafts and decorating! If I tell you how late I sit up reading-you would not believe it! I love this and can't wait to try it! I also saw this and had seen these same pots at anthropologie and had started to think-but now I don't have to! It's been done! I love the staircase at Rhoda's blog My staircase is oak and my furniture near it is, I am thinking!!!

I am hoping to get on my computer later, so I will post this without pictures...

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