Saturday, July 11, 2009

Two Out of Three!

7/11 is a big day here. Yeah, we should have gotten our free Slurpees, but we didn't. Today is a big birthday in our house. It is our daughter's 25th AND our older son's 21st! Just as I was married in July because I was a teacher, it just "happened" that my 2 firstborn were due in July. My daughter's due date was 7/11 which I thought was sooo lucky! Well, we were lucky to have a beautiful baby girl on that date after 24 hours! For my son, I was given 7/11 again, which was funny to me- but I figured the 2nd would arrive, I went into labor as my daughter was blowing out her 4 candles after dinner. She was not thrilled that we were leaving. We stalled and got to the hospital at around 9. I told them that I might be ready...and I was right- the baby was really ready to come into the world. At 11ish, I asked if we could push this off until the 12th so each would have their own birthday. My OB said I could push until tomorrow, but this baby wants out! So, Bryan was born on his sister's birthday at 11:29 pm-which she claims was the best present she could ever have. It kind of makes it feels like Christmas in July! When they were little, it meant 2 friend parties, 2 school cupcakes and the family party. All wonderful memories! I wish I had a scanner for the old pics, but maybe in the future.

So, my daughter just moved to the city but came home after having dinner with my son and his girl in the city. They got home by midnight so they could be home for "the day"! I had cakes waiting! Tonight, our son is having a party here -friends from here and college-and Leanne is having dinner with the girls in the city and out after. Then, all back here tomorrow for more birthday. Some things never change!
I did borrow some delicious recipes from some of you lovely ladies. From "We are that Family" (recipe) and "There is No Place Like Home" Boston cream Pie- a non-traditional b'day cake, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, a blueberry cobbler -inspired by Sew Gracious and Simple Mom and one more that I can't find again! and the Friendly's Watamelon Roll- a favorite since they were tiny!
Now my camera is giving me uploading problems, so pictures soon-all technical difficulties to be ironed out!
Happy Birthday Leanne and Bryan!!!


  1. Dear Nancy,
    Thank you so much for visiting my new blog. Today was like my birthday when I saw all the comments. I certainly did not expect them! How fun!! Well, I have to say I LOVE your blog. Mine will most likely look like yours as I love to write about my family and I'm not sure I'm as creative as some of the others I've met today. I love your book list, too, (except for Dickens) and your movie list. Do people in/on Long Island like to read Nelson DeMille? I've read a couple of his because I love the setting, but how do you all feel there? Also, I'm meeting a lot of teachers and that's comforting knowing I'm not the only crazy person. However, you've got me beat. I tried subbing and I could not do it. I thought I was going to be a great sub, but boy was I wrong. You are a saint!! I'm teaching 8th grade English this year and I would still choose that over subbing. I'll check back with you later.
    Thanks again.

  2. Happy Birthday to your kiddos! And thanks for the links to the great places above. It's so fun to see what other people are getting inspired by! :)

  3. Hello--

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Follow me..I have more Letterboxing info. on there today, and more to come!


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