Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Blue

Last week I bought a little insurance. I actually got it free by going to the website. Here's the insurance:

A sample of Benjamin Moore Phillipsburg Blue for the bedroom. My insurance is that if I put that noticeable a splotch on the wall, I'm pretty sure it will get painted sooner than later!

Well, lucky me. I had the $10 Sherwin Williams coupon posted by..? a while back and I went and color matched the BM and got the Duration matte. Great finish and washable, too. So, with the splotch on the wall and the gallon under his nose, my sweet husband said , "Why don't I paint the bedroom?" Yay! The original color was Zenful by Benjamin Moore but after painting the living room recently Aura 400- a really GREAT green-gray, we were tired of the light green. The Aura was beautiful but a really tricky paint to work with-even though we were die-hard Moore users for YEARS.
Saturday, my happy sight was

The paint went on beautifully and here is the finished room.

I love how the blue makes the white POP!!

The comforter still matches, but hmmmmm -thinking I want a new look?? I also have the patchwork form the first pic. The latest Pottery Barn catalog is full of patchwork quilts, too. I tacked up the curtains temporarily with thumbtacks (I actually like how it looks!) because I want to do different window treatments. It will take me a while to commit to what I really want anyway. I feel at this point in my life, I should have a decorated room. I know our furniture is matchy -matchy, but that is what the look was 27 years ago (and in Georgian colonial times,too, I guess!). The make is Statton Olde Towne-still beautiful...expensive then, but a wedding gift from the parents.
Our anniversary just passed and the thought was -a new mattress-finally, but no, we have not looked yet. Big decision....And I definitely want to put up ceiling moulding. Ours was removed when we built up our house and the rain from the tarp on the second floor
burst through our ceiling -yep. So-a new ceiling later-who didn't notice that the moulding was not put back up? Us... So, there are still things to be done and pictures to be hung, even though I hate to put anything on those walls!!! I will show progress...there's a little vanity chair that needs
a new look, too.....

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  1. Nancy, this blue is beautiful with your br furniture. WOW! And I am going to try out the blueberry sauce recipe, yum. Our taste must be very similar. Thanks for stopping by. Have an awesome evening!


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