Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Even better than a yard sale-can this be true? Last week, my son told me that a neighbor around the corner had a table out at the curb. Last year, this same neighbor had tossed ot a lovely wrought iron side table with a woven look top and ivy detail. I asked my husband and son to drive by and see what they thought....They didn't have to think...they loaded that table in the car pronto!! I could not believe it! The top is glass-completely perfect. There is rust on the center piece, but not even that bad! It weighs a ton! Can't wait to work on this beauty. I feel so lucky! But this gets better if you can believe it!

Mother's Day/ Husband's birthday...we always seem to share the day, or at least they are always the same weekend. So we were pretty busy, cooking, preparing, entertaining, when my same 15 year old son said he saw a bench around the corner. Well, I was not able to run off and see- so I said that maybe we could look tomorrow. Not thinking.
Next thing I know, my daughter says to come out front. Ok, drop everything...wipe hands...go outside. No son is coming up the driveway with the bench. This bench... which also weighs a ton!

It is in the garage because I am afraid these people will say "What were we thinking?" No, really, I just can't wait to get working on it and it is in the "spraying place". If the table is a ton...this is two tons. My son (football, shotput, 6'1'' 15yrs. old-but still my baby) said he had to put it down once on the way! Does my boy know me, or what? So, he said "Happy Mother's Day". Too much!

Thank you, Todd!
Thanks to those who have given me some tips, I am finally writing...I will have more questions for you! But, I would also take tips on what to do with these beautiful pieces, if you have a vision. My thought is Rustoleum white, but am open to suggestions!
I think I dreamt of them last night!


  1. SCORE!!!
    Wowza!!! Those are AMAZING finds!!!

  2. Wow... what great neighbors to have!

    I'd go black if I were you... nothing is as classy as black. Will look very high end. Taupe would be my second choice.

  3. WOW! What great finds! And what a great son to get it for you! nancy

  4. scored big time Nancy! I would spray them white...of course everything I paint seems to be painted white! But...I would spruce it up even more with some pillows, maybe even a seat cushion covered in something airy and flowery :-) You pretty you don't want to sit on it lol

  5. I am in love with that bench! Paint it white I say!

  6. what a kid... only a kid with a heart would do something for his mum like this.. unless he did something wrong and he is trying to make up for it... haha just kidding todd.. ur the mann! keep your eye out for some suff for my apt next year!


  7. How lucky you are that your kids are looking out for you! Those pieces are beautiful. Best wishes for a wonderful week, Esther

  8. What great finds! And how sweet of your kiddos to think of their Mom when they saw this?!! Thanks for visiting my blog & your sweet birthday wishes!

  9. Oh MY! This is even better than my yard sale post, Nancy "with a Y" (your comment on my blog totally cracked me up! :-) And I love, LOVE that your son is resonsible for this. What a guy! It's funny that you asked in your comment on my blog how I find out about the yard sales around here...I was *jus* talking to my friend about putting together a list (next year) and publihing on my blog...if for no other reason, so *I* know where to go, LOL!There was another town wide in Belmar today that I missed because I didn't know!! So many yard sales, so little time...:-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog...very glad to visit you!

    Laura @ the shore house.

  10. What wonderful finds and what a sweet boy! He sound like my 16 yr old Will, sweet & thoughtful! :-)

  11. P.S. You live on Long Island, in NY. I live on Whidbey Island, in WA. I love our islands!


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