Wednesday, May 20, 2009


You won't believe how lucky I am! I won a cute Ladybug Gardening Pin through The Garden Chick blog contest. Torchsong Studio hosted the giveaway and several blogs were involved. The message had gone to my spam and Maryanne was kind enough to resend the message! Thank you so much, Maryanne! You can see this sweet pin here at and be sure to visit all the other blogs that were on on this contest!

Thank you again!!!


  1. Wow! That's a really cute pin. I'd say you are on a winning streak! Do you think you could pick some lottery numbers for me? And thanks for the link yesterday. So very kind of you. :)

  2. Okay, Miss Nancy! You really are on a winning streak here! Remember to email me at: so I can send you your journal! :-) And please spinkle in a wee bit of pixie dust or whatever you use! ;-)


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