Monday, May 18, 2009

Such a Sweet Etsy Shop!

If you have never visited "There Is No Place Like Home" ,, you must! Hers is the blog I found before I even knew about blogging! Seriously! Just a few weeks ago, I "googled" "how to decorate a spring porch" on a lark and came across her blog, which did have the prettiest porch! I continued to read her past posts and saw decorating, recipes, lessons, and crafts. Speaking of crafts, she has the nicest Etsy shop, seasonaldelights - where "you will find greeting cards, gift tags, journals and gifts to celebrate friendships, special occasions, holidays and the four seasons. " The prettiest things! I just received a very cute order of gifts tags that were perfect! Similar to these:

So, do stop by her store, and enjoy her very peaceful blog! Thanks Kelli! If it wasn't for her blog, I would not have found all of the rest of you! I am glad I did!

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  1. Hi Nancy! Thank you for sharing about my shop, that is very sweet of you!


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