Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crafty Trivets with my #2

      I finally made some pretty coasters using Home Depot tile. I had seen them done here and before my son went back to college, we decided to do this project together. That makes them pretty special!! Instead of paper napkins, I got some $.59 craft paper.

             We went to Home Depot and picked up some $.34 plain white square tile about 3 1/2".
Then cut the paper to a little smaller than the tile,
brush with mod podge (sponge brush is great),
apply paper,
let set a bit,
mod podge again,
let dry completely
and spray with acrylic sealer-
I had some-soooo old-still works great. Read the above link for expert directions at Beneath My Heart-a beautiful blog. 

Then to Michael's for thin adhesive cork backing. I had my 40% off coupon in my hot little hand, so I got a good deal. I paid less than $5 and have plenty left!

-super thin adhesive cork does the trick!!
Then when the sealer is completely dry press on the self stick cork (Contact brand)
and stack or weigh them down for a little while...It works great!!!
Tie them up as a gift or to diplay them or start to use them!

What I did a little different was that I picked up some 6 x 6 inch ceramic floor tile and made trivets to use on the table. I like that they match my 12 x 12 inch floor tiles that I have in the kitchen and are silmilar to my backsplash. For these, I did use the paper napkins with a botanical print (Home Goods-<3)  and peeled them to the thinnest. I am so happy with the trivets-"hot plates"? because I use them everyday! I do, however, like how the craft paper looks  better than the napkin and I will do more -there is such a gorgous selection and 2 sheets do 4-unless you can squeeze 4 of them out of 1!

Please check out the upper left and vote for you fav NFL star-I know you may not love-or even like Sanchez, but you gotta love his charity!!!  Even if you vote for the other guys-it's a good thing to do!!!
Hope your team wins!!


  1. A superb idea! I've often seen those tiles at HD but didn't think outside the box. Bandwidth needs coasters, and so does my husband.
    Your son is adorable.

  2. These are so pretty, Nancy!! I love both patterns. When I recently bought new tables for the living room, I hunted for coasters. They weren't easy to find and the ones I did find were not my style. I'd love to give this project a try. How nice that your sons wanted to do the project with you. He is so handsome, too!!


  3. Great idea! They turned out so nice.

  4. Hiyah.. Love the finished product.. keep going.. and we have to think of another project for next time im home. i say we build a dog house!?!!

  5. Love this idea. I now have next year's Christmas lined up! Thanks.



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