Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Salvaged Baker's Rack-FINALLY GOT TO IT!

I posted about this rack way back in October. My husband had found this at the curb and brought it home. He knew that I had been eying baker's racks that would run $200 at the least with shipping-if not more-so this was a worthwhile treasure to bring home.
It was shiny hollow brass, but intact and it moved in (after making husband wash it down-as long as he was doing the car...) It immediately began to get loaded up with stuff-surprise, surprise...

          Well, after the Ikea couch came in I said it was time to tackle the spare room...yeah, well, not yet...but I did get to work on the rack. The green couch-from a neighbor-went to the basement.

The room is still yellow-an "in" color, but this yellow is a bit intense.  I wrote before how this was to be my kitchen, until it went up and I screeched! It was much too vibrant for my sunny kitchen! So, since I am so cheap  thrifty, we used the color in the little spare room-craft room-guest room (with no bed at this time) -office-reading room-computer room. 

So, I hit it with satin black spray paint and it took nicely.

Logan approves or is searching for missing toy...
My pretty sign by Rita (see my sidebar).
          Right now, it is in the family room, trying out its baskets-the top ones are from TJMaxx and are 2 nested baskets. The little ones are cute, but with little purpose. The bottom 4 are from Target. They were on sale and then I had my 10% ("you spent too much money at Christmas") award. They come out to almost the same. The Target baskets make better use of the space as they are not angled. I am not sure if I should do 4 of them anyway. Magazines-which I have too many of-fit perfectly standing up or laying down.  What do you think?
       Anyway-Free rack, left over spray paint, baskets (about $11 each for the Target) ($9 and $7 for TJMaxx) and storage for tons of mags and Wii games and remotes.

 I think it looks pretty good. The top shelf will not have baskets and will hold plants and book perhaps. Right now modeling my sad aloe plant
frame and driftwood and shells to remind me of summer....

Instead of this which we have right now!  This is before the worst of it, which begins now at around 2pm! We did not have the last storm which so many bloggy friends had-so it is our turn.
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  1. it is our turn for the storm too!... we have about 8" so far!

    I love the rack and the baskets it looks wonderful and stores so much!!
    good job!

  2. Nancy
    I so like what you did to your rack. This is something I have thought about doing many times but never have taken the time to do. Yours turned out great.
    Snow snow I do not know how you guys do it. I would just freeze or

  3. Your baker's rack looks really good in black. I love the baskets. What a great storage idea! Your room is coming along great! got a lot of snow, as did we. About 12 inches overnight. It seems like the whole country is getting snow! ;-)


  4. I'm impressed that your husband picked that up for you! I think the baskets and the spray paint job are just perfect.

  5. love those baskets, great looking storage!!!!

    stop by my goodwill goodies blog party every wednesday!

  6. I have an old bakers rack just like that, it's in the garage, I never thought of painting it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the bakers rack! It turned out beautifully. The baskets look great in it, too! Thanks for sharing.

  8. The rack really turned out great! We have 5 to 6 inches on the ground and it's still coming! We live in Central Texas!
    smiles, alice
    ps love the baskets too.

  9. Oh, I want one! What a great storage center. I especially love the baskets. Dontcha love TJ Maxx?

  10. WOW! YOu brought it back to life! Good job.

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  11. The baker's rack looks great. I'm such a basket person. I have to stay away from them in the store. :)

    The snow is beautiful! We are expecting rain today, no chance of snow around here. {Florida}


  12. So much better. I love the baskets. I have had a similar experience with yellow paint--in my last house I had to paint my house 4 times in about 2 weeks, 2 of which were yellow. That is when I decided yellow was a hard color to pick. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. What a difference a little black paint can make! ;) It looks great!!

  14. What a great update! I usually pass up these bakers racks when I see them because of the slatted shelves--what a great idea!

  15. Your baker's rack turned out great and I love all of your beautiful storage baskets!

    Kat :)

  16. Looks great Nancy! What a find and something you were actually looking for....that's always a bonus!!

    Thanks for linking up to my party! See you next week!

  17. What a great find for free! Good hubby. It looks great painted black and the baskets make it look more substancial. Thanks for linking up!


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