Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! My New Bedroom-I think...

First, I made this :
from this:
cute! trapped in on the snow day!

     I just got back from the movies-Verrrry unusual for my husband and I to go to a movie alone! We usually see a family movie or wait for the video! But, this time I was "asked" to go see "Valentine's Day"! It was very sweet and full of beautiful people! (Ashton, Topher, Patrick Dempsy, Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane...oh and pretty girls, too) It reminded me of "Love, Actually", which I do like. Hey, it is not going to get the Oscar, but I laughed and smiled and -so it was good in my book.  With the coming attractions, they showed many clips of many of my fave movies set to "1,2,3,4," by Plain White Tees. -When Harry met Sally, Enchanted, Say Anything, Princess Bride, 27 Dresses-cute.  It is here as an ad.

before (zenful by BM)

          Now for my room. We painted Phillipsburg Blue by Benjamin Moore a while ago! I love the color and we will put up crown mouldings-eventually. I haven't hung anything-except the one picture over the bed-while I wait to do this room!

 I was waiting to get a new mattress to get new bedding, but it is on hold, too. So, on a one day sale at Macy's with a coupon that actually worked (!!!!) I got a new mattress pad, and a down coverlet.

I just put those on the other day and my husband says it feels like we are in a hotel-a good thing.  Then I brought home this from Target

becasue I like this.

But on the bed it looked too undone for me....I like things more conservative/simple. The buttons were shiny. It really was ok but I felt it was a younger look than I should have. I saw a white matelasse coverlet at TJMaxx  and the shams called "Cecelia" and I liked. I put it on the bed and I think this is it...what do you think? Simple but pretty?

I got these pillow covers at Pottery Barn on a great sale, and was not sure of the color, but maybe I like it now...A little rosey color for now? 
(The embroidered pillow is from Hungary  from about 1920 from my grandmother-she came here in 1914 right before WW I and was married here in 1917 she either brought it or  it was sent to her. I restuffed it)

Here Hooked on Houses said to show your house a little love and her pics were of homes with a touch of red.  I am not a red girl, but I think it looks nice with the white and  ok with the blue. Then,  I could do blue toile pillows for spring?

         Do you like this or look for something with a print?
Have a LOVE-ly Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. I like the look!
    To me it is cozy! The blue with the red and white looks very french to me. I like an unfussed bed... like a hotel. Our bed is unfussed and it makes me want to jump in it everytime I see it... so I keep the door closed LOL

  2. I have a white matelasse coverlet. I love the versatility, and I love that it goes in the washer! Your red pillow is sweet.

  3. beautiful, and i love the little embroidered floral pillow too.

  4. I have been drooling over the same coverlet at Anthor for a while now, but cringe over the price. I'm off to Target to find the coverlet with the shiny buttons! I already have several matellisse spreads that I simply love. They get better once you wash them and have this nice texture that is divine.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  5. Definitely like the matelasse coverlet the best. Looks great with the red pillow on the bed. I have used matelasse on my bed for years
    and I just like the classic look of it. Jackie

  6. looooove it Miss!!!!!!!!! I'm a huuuge fan of white matlasse!! can't go wrong!

  7. I love the matelasse, I think you are right about the shiny buttons, they seemed a bit loud! and I loved your little heard craft at the beginning of the post!

    Thanks for linking up to the party hope to see you stop by again soon!

  8. I like the bedding with the little puckers -- although it is very feminine. It's hard to keep a bedroom in that "neutral" zone, but I think you have succeeded, and I really like your inspiration photo!

  9. I love white bedding simply because it is so easy to accessorize and you can change so frequently. And, I'm a huge Target fan! (My husband works for corporate, so I have to shout out my support!) It's a good thing I live right around the corner from one, I can go check out the bedding you found tomorrow! I love it. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It made me smile.

  10. I know what you mean about the one from Target. I actually looked at the same one at Target today & thought it seemed too thin (I like the West Elm one too). I did read that if you put it in the dryer with a wet towel, it helps pull out some of the wrinkles but I think I like the new one you get @ TJ's. Thanks for posting to my blog & fun to check out yours!

  11. Nancy, thanks so much for visiting and leaving a sweet comment! I really love where you're going in this room. I adore white matelasse and use it often both in my own home and for clients. You know I collect vintage linens so I think you have a treasure in that pillow! Great post
    xoxo Pattie

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the redo of your bed. I like simple and clean lines in my bedroom, too...I like it having the feel of a getaway! As for books, the last two I loved were The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and The Help. I'd recomend any of the others on my list, too, I guess it depends on what you like and what you're in the mood for.

  13. love it!!!! okay....i searched online...and this is where you should be able to find the "flea market style" magazine....
    Flea Market Style is available at Bachman's, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, grocery stores and other newsstands.


  14. Hi Nancy!

    Looks so fresh! And the toile will be great for spring!

    love, kelee

  15. Your new coverlet is very pretty and your right, it's simple but also elegant! I also love the embroidered pillow that belonged to your grandmother. That special pillow along with your PB pillows really makes the whole room look warm and inviting!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Kat :)

  16. You were lucky to have a coupon. You've been able to save money and get the mattress you've been wanting for so long. I'm about to purchase a new one this weekend. I hope that I’ll find a mattress that suits with my taste, and of course, my budget. ;)

    Aniyah Bautista

  17. I know I'm a bit late but your tag is really cute, Nancy. Perfect for Valentines! Anyway, your new bedroom idea is good, the design of your coverlet made your bed look simple yet classy.


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