Thursday, February 4, 2010

Works for me Wednesday-Free your Fridge


 This may seem silly, but it is a new thing that “works for me”. Whenever I would look into the refrigerator to find something, it was like a scavenger hunt. Whoever was in there would push things around and move them even if they found it was fairly neat. You couldn’t see to the back of the shelf, so push your way back there. I also have pull out shelves, that no one ever uses….just rummage. If you did use them something would go off the back because it was pushes to the edge.

         So, I was thinking of those raised steps you can put in your cabinets to see things in the back. No, because it would not be good if you did pull the shelf. So I took a Rubbermaid lazy susan out of my cabinet and tried it in the fridge. I like it! It is so bright in there, that you can actually see things as they go around! So I have one for jellies and jams and peanut butter-some like it chill-others room temp and such. The other has condiments -ketchup, mustard relish, etc. because we have so many salad dressings, these do not fit on the door shelf.

       So, that’s my little works for me….and you can still vote and vote again-look at the upper left column, please!
One more thing have you seen this video on how to peel a boiled potato ?...if not take a look!



  1. That is a WONDERFUL idea. I might try it. Thanks for sharing it at WFMW.

  2. That is a great idea and I will totally adopt it! Thank you and feel better soon!!


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