Friday, September 11, 2009

Hooked on this Dessert!

Head on over to Julia's at  Hooked on Housesand see her treasure hunt  with her Friday blog party!      It is fun and easy!!
Speaking of "Hooked on"-my family is hooked. ...I made something for the Back to School dinner that I have not made in YEARS! In fact, I don't think my youngest ever had it. It is called Icebox Cake in our house because my grandmother (we called her GG when she had greatgrandchildren) did have an icebox in her apartment in the city and continued to call her refrigerator the same. She made the cake, then my mom and now I finally did! It is easy to make, but I think we stopped making it when the chocolate cookies were hard to find and became expensive-grandma, mom and now me-ever frugal. 
Here's what you need-

    Plain Chocolate wafer cookies (they are round-used to be square)
    Heavy cream  for whipping
    sugar (or Splenda)
    chocolate curls, grated chocolate or wafer for top-(pretty it up!)

    Whip the heavy cream adding about a quarter cup of sugar until the whipped cream is stiff and yummy!
    I have a shallow long dish that works, but you can use a plate. Put some cream down on the plate or dish.
    Slather some cream on to the front and back of the first cookie and stand on edge. Keep and  repeating and  press to previous cookie creating a log. 
Then, cover the whole thing with whipped cream until the cookies don't show.
Grate a litttle cookie or  use grated or curled chocolate on top.
There you have it! When serving, cut on a 45 degree angle. It looks pretty.
Why didn't I pull out one of mu pretty plates? Because they were hovering over me to cut it already! So I did!
You can put banana or strawberry slices in between, but the vote here was that it is good just the way it was!
So, enjoy this little treat and don't take 20 years to make it!  I will try to link this up to Julia now!
Please remember to fly your flag in remembrance today.


  1. Hi Nancy!! Visiting via Hooked on Houses!

    Love the name for your blog!

    That is my favourite dessert. Over here in Australia we call it Chocolate Ripple Cake (the biscuits we use are chocolate ripple biscuits).

    I remember having this cake on special occasions all through my childhood, and my mum still whips one up (she's 79) on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas.

    When she does it she grates Peppermint Crisp (a chocolate bar, not sure if you have them) on top. Yum!!!! You've made my mouth water!

    Linda. x :)

  2. I do NOT need this, but it looks pretty yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    pk @ room remix

  3. Well this one sounds pretty easy and it looks absolutely delicious!! Thanks for the recipe. We call my grandma GG, as well :)



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