Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mock Canopy

W hen I saw this post, it reminded me that I actually did something like this for my daughter's room. She wanted one of those net things like they have at Ikea, but with a cathedral ceiling, I didn't think we could do it...or if we decided to take it down, would the ceiling ever get repaired? Knowing what it took to paint the ceiling with scaffolding, I thought -no. So I decided to try something attached to the wall.  I bought a very inexpensive long white scarf curtain sheer and two of these at Linens and Things (mine were around $4). You could use any kind of holdback. Would't these  or these look pretty? I measured straight up from the ends of the headboard and eyeballed where I wanted it to match up with the window opposite and screwed those things into the wall. I wrapped the scarf curtain around the peg and loosened up the bottom fabric and tried to keep th top tight. Then I wrapped around the other. Simple...could be fancier, but I tend to go plain and simple. At one time we draped a garland of flowers across, which was pretty. 

My daughter is lucky. When we put the second floor on our ranch style house, the bedrooms were planned to be a pretty normal size. However, in order to save money(??) and perhaps bc it was easier (??) the contractor framed straight up the front of the house. This gave her a wonderfully big room with the window seat that we wanted and the cathedral ceiling. Great -but I think it cost more to paint and carpet (we couldn't get the hardwood then)then we had budgeted for!!. Alas, it got done and she lived that room for 6 1/2years (with college mixed in ) and has now moved out. Funny, the closts are full and everything still looks the same!!! Probably better for me that way...
Right now we have 2 beds in the room bc of all the comings and goings this summer. It fits pretty good. Lucky girl. She doesn't want to give it up.
I want this room.  But by the time I would get it, I wouldn't be able to climb the stairs! ha!

I should have taken the pics during the day, the colors look off-the walls are 2 shades of lavender-opposing walls. You see three? the 4th wall holds a desk and bookcase-at least I think so, bc they are kind of buried! Stuff that didn't make the move.
Here's her new room:    before
(cute comforter, pillows,lampshade,fabric prints  & rug from Target (some on clearance), chandy from Urban Outfitters-$9.99, "L" antropologie, curtain-sheer we had I added ribbons on top like Pottery barn teen. Made the tile and ribbon thing on wall-with ribbon from aerie and tiles from Target clearance. )


  1. LOVE the new room!!!! We saw that stuff at Target when Cindylou was re-doing her room....we went with the zebra/hot pink cheetah instead :)

  2. Love the green bedspread and the colors in that last photo. Great job!

  3. Oh, so pretty. What a darling change. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Be sure to come by tonight around 9pm (Eastern time) for the announcement so you don't miss out. I promise-it good-really really good.
    Its So Very Cheri


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