Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's About Time!

     I have a million excuses why I have not given proper thank yous for giveaways received. Mostly it has been computer trouble, and then computer and camera compatability! I had pictures that I was not able to upload which made me crazy! I had pictures that I uploaded that were not "formatted" so I couldn't bring them up! All in all it wasted my time and I would want to write, but without pictures? blah! Then there's all the time I spend reading blogs SO much better than mine, that I haven't any time to do any writing! You are all too good! Oh, then off to college and school started and football pre-season -wash wash wash!So you see? Begging forgiveness!
         First up I want to thank Nicole at Bugaboos Creations for the beautiful candle that I won in her giveaway.
The scent is amazing and it came with this cute spiral wick dipper...something I did not know I needed until I got one! I have been "visiting" Nicole for a while now and she has the greatest blog. She manages to write almost everyday and has great ideas! She is also a demonstrator for Gold Canyon and her website is http://www.candleflavor.com/,  If you sign up you will get a lovely sample tealight from Gold Canyon candles. So, go on now!
            Next, I want to thank Bev at Art Fartz  for the sweet "Birdhouse in My Soul"! If you go back here, you will see how cute it is-but nothing compared to seeing it in person!  She also included a wonderful surprise- a cute liitle framed bird...she is so creative! I is one of my favorite things!
My picture is dark, but you can see how sweet!!
             One moe is Gina of Simply Heart and Home ...... She had the sweetest post about fairy garden tea parties and the next thing you know, I get the cutest package in the mail! All wrapped up wth teapot and flower stickers! Her blog just makes you feel very peaceful and blessed!

                                      Open up and it is the cutest punch out and play Flower Fairy Tea Party book! All you need to know and have in order to have a fairy tea!

So, there you have it! The nicest people are here in blogland. I only wish I could know all of you in "real" life.
           'Til next time!!!

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  1. Thanks So Much Nancy! That was so very sweet of you to post about what you won and all the nice things you said! You have won a lot of great things, I love that little birdhouse! Enjoy your candle! Have a Great Week!


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