Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kitchen Redo -

    We did a pretty major renovation about 6 years ago.  Our house was a 3 bedroom ranch-where one of the bedrooms was the size of a closet.  We looked in the neighborhood and then beyond and realized that we liked our neighbors, street, school and  town and it made more sense to stay than go. Besides, financially it seemed more reasonable-house prices were insane.
        I will try to dig up photos of the before, but it was BD -before digital and I don't have a scanner.  Anyway-we gained so much more space, the kitchen became larger because we moved the basement staircase and it made the kitchen a rectangle instead of a panneled and wallpapered galley.
        Always afraid of color, we first painted the kitchen Dove from the Serenity colors of Benjamin Moore-Very soft, but it looked like sheetrock!

     I lived with it for a while, husband is really good about painting and repainting. He does a great job and if I don't like it-he will redo it.  I still would rather it work the first time!

     Then we did yellow. I thought it was a warm butter yellow but it was way too yellow and is now the color of our guest/spare room! We tried Hawthorne Yellow, which I love, but it looked dirty against the cabinets.  I always liked blue and have collected Old English Castles dishes by Johnson Bros., so we decided Yarmouth Blue.

     I really liked the blue , bought fabric, made curtains, made cushions for nook.....but felt the color was nice, but did nothing for the kitchen.  I always felt a pumpkin or brown might do....But then I found Audubon Russet HC-51 was the right pick for the cabinets, granite and backsplach and floor tile. It was a very daring step for me to use this much color!

     So what do you think? Did I make a better choice. It is a great color. It also matches my dishes! I think it goes better with the cabinets and granite.  I love the nook!!!-before the redo, we could not see out of the kitchen except for a high winow over the sink. The back door was behind another door which led to the basement. Now, we have so much light coming in and the sunrise every morning.
     So with this color, I made new curtains-my brother found this fabric and so I used it-not sure, though. I recovered the bench and pillow-not done. Fabric that I loved. but did not use for curtains (-toooo expensive) I put into an Ikea frame-I love to look at it!  so that is my kitchen redo-transformation....I hope I like this color for a while-or at least my husband does!!!

Ooooh! Look! Benjamin Moore on Facebook put me on their space!!!!

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  1. Love what you've done Nancy. Perfect color to add warmth to your already cozy kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your new color!! It is so warm and inviting! Awesome choice.

  3. I think you were right in going with the Russet. Just like you said, the blue looked great if it was just the nook - but it didn't do anything for the rest of the kitchen.

    I love your curtains and wall color and just the way it all fits together now. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. WOW how warm and inviting!!!
    I love the transformation!

  5. Congrats!! I love the color you picked- very warm- great for a kitchen! I think you will have fun decorating for all the season with a color like this! Very nice!

  6. Love the change!! So nice and warm!!!

  7. Hi Nancy ~ Thanks for coming by my blog! The color you chose is similar to a color I have in my dining room ~ mine is coppery. Very warm feeling. I like the way it looks at night with the lights or candelight.


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